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Iru a siri ike, àgwà na ngwa ngwa ọkọnọ yinye
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    ISO9001, ISO1400 Quality / Environmental Protection System
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    The Kasị Mpi Price Dabere On Win-mmeri
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    pụrụ ịdabere na

    Jighi mmezi Of Equipment, Mankeumman Asambodo
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    Sample nzipu: 4 Days On otu Side 5 Days na abụọ, na 7 Days On Multiple n'ígwé
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    The Team zukọrọ Domestically, Taiwan, Korean FPC J.Randall
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    A Ike ụzụ Team Pụrụ Isi Mee ugboro abụọ Panel, Multi-Layer Boards Ma Soft Ma Ike Boards With TDR e ji mara Impedance!
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Anyị dị njikere iji na-egbo gị oru ngo chọrọ!
  • Why is the circuit board deformed?
    The uneven copper surface area on the circuit board will worsen the bending and warping of the board. The circuit boards are mostly multi-layer boards, and there will be vias between the layers. The vias are divided i...
  • The rigid-flex board
    The rigid-flex board has both a rigid layer and a flexible layer. It is a multilayer printed circuit board.  However, due to the mixed use of multiple materials and multiple manufacturing steps, the processing time of...
  • The advantages of using immersion gold ci...
    Immersion gold uses a chemical deposition method, which generates a layer of plating through a chemical oxidation-reduction reaction method. It is a kind of chemical nickel-gold layer deposition method, which can reac...
  • Tips for cleaning PCB circuit boards
    Pollutants are generated during the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, including residues of flux and adhesives and other contaminants such as dust and debris during the manufacturing process. If the PCB...
  • Why do people use Immersion Gold ?
    There are the main features of the PCB using the gold-plated board. Why use Immersion Gold The crystal structure formed by immersion gold and gold board is different. Immersion gold will be golden yellow and yellower ...

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