The rigid-flex board

The rigid-flex board has both a rigid layer and a flexible layer. It is a multilayer printed circuit board.

 However, due to the mixed use of multiple materials and multiple manufacturing steps, the processing time of the rigid-flex board is longer and the manufacturing cost is higher.

The rigid-flex board is used widely. The rigid-flex board is used in aerospace, such as high-end aircraft-mounted weapon navigation systems,advanced medical equipment, digital cameras, portable cameras and high-quality MP3 players.

The rigid-flex board is most commonly used in the manufacture of military aircraft and medical equipment. The rigid-flex board brings great benefits to the design of military aircraft, because it improves the reliability of the connection while reducing the weight.

The rigid-flex board is bendable and foldable. So, it can be used to make customized circuits to maximize the use of the available indoor space.

Therefore,it reduces the space occupied by the entire system, the overall cost of rigid-flex board will be relatively high.

However,with the continuous maturity and development of the industry, the overall cost will continue to decrease, so it will be more cost-effective and competitive.

Post time: Jul-27-2020