Tips for cleaning PCB circuit boards

Pollutants are generated during the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, including residues of flux and adhesives and other contaminants such as dust and debris during the manufacturing process. If the PCB board cannot guarantee the clean surface, resistance and leakage will cause the PCB circuit board to fail, thereby affecting the service life of the product. Therefore, cleaning the PCB circuit board is an important step in the manufacturing process.

 Semi-aqueous cleaning is between solvent cleaning and water cleaning. These cleaners are organic solvents, flammable solvents, high flash point and low toxicity.It is safe to use, but it must be rinsed with water and then dried.

Water purification technology is that using water as the cleaning medium, surfactants, additives, corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents are added to the water to form a series of water-based cleaning agents. It can remove water solvents and non-polar contaminants.

Solvent cleaning is mainly used for solvent dissolution and removal of pollutants.Solvent cleaning requires simple equipment due to its fast volatilization and strong solubility.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean PCB board effectively. It uses ultra-high frequency to transform into kinetic energy in the liquid medium to produce a cavitation effect, forming countless tiny bubbles, and then hit the surface of the object, so that the surface dirt will fall off to achieve the effect of cleaning. It can work on every surface of multiple objects at the same time. It is very effective and fast, and can be cleaned in about 15 minutes. It not only can  restore effectively and improve the ability of pads and components,but also reduce electromagnetic interference.

Post time: Jul-21-2020